Members group wants Rosell out

A group of Barcelona members called ‘Go Barca’ have today begun the process of a vote of no confidence in club President Sandro Rosell.

Also relating to three of his Vice-Presidents – Josep Maria Bartomeu, Javier Faus and Jordi Cardoner – Go Barca have put forward today papers to try and generate support for their action and to lead to a referendum among club members.

The group, headed by members Joan Arnes and Jordi Cases, have launched this motion due to the ‘lies and deceptions’ they see Rosell as responsible for.

Furtehr and more precise reasoning will be presented by Go Barca, short for Grup d’Opinio Barcelonista, at a Press conference on Wednesday, after Barca’s Champions League match at Celtic the night before.

For Go Barca to successfully have club members hold a referendum on Rosell’s position, they must receive five per cent of members’ support for their request, which amounts to around 6,000 members.

One of the points that members will vote on at next week’s general assembly is changing this particular requirement, so that anyone wishing to take a point to referendum would instead require 15 per cent support beforehand.

Rosell was voted in as President in 2010 for a term that will otherwise continue until 2016, when elections will take place, which the 49-year-old has already confirmed he intends to stand in.

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