Pique unfussed by possession

Gerard Pique has reflected on how Barcelona are ‘the only club in the world’ who can win a game 4-0 and see post-match debate centre on possession.

The Catalans have seen discussion focus on keeping the ball after the weekend’s win at Rayo Vallecano, as it was the first instance in five-and-a-half years of the team not keeping greater possession in a game than their opponents.

“We know how Barca works. When you play at Barca, you want not only to win but to also play good football,” reflected Pique to Barca TV.

“Yes there is too much importance given to the issue of possession and style. We are the only club in the world to win 4-0 and the discussion afterwards is dedicated to whether or not we had possession.

“It is a detail of the game in which you pay attention to more than we do. In the end we defeated a difficult opponent 4-0.

“We must find alternatives to our play. The more resources we have, the better. This is what Tata wants to instil.

“Long passes? They make sense against defences that are pushed up. You can look beyond them. And that’s what we tried at Vallecas.

“Playing short is easier than playing long, but sometimes attempting a pass can generate a chance. Anything goes.

“Our style is already defined and we have a style of play that has made us famous, but evolution is not bad.”

Pique was talking after Barca’s 4-1 win at home to Real Sociedad on Tuesday evening.

“Here has been our best version, but there will be games where we do not play well. This was game that set an example for what we want to do.

“We struggled at Vallecas and against Ajax, but the conditions were right this time. Perhaps that was the best of us, we constantly looked for goals.

“That was generally speaking a great match and against a Champions League team.”

Pique played an hour of Week 6’s fixture alongside Marc Bartra, after an injury to Javier Mascherano.

“Marc has shown that when he plays, he does so well. Last year, when he began against Bayern, it was impossible to do well and to demonstrate your value. Marc must continue because there are few others and he can contribute. When I see Marc Bartra I am reminded of my bursts forward. We must hold the line. These are things that are achieved with experience.”

Barca are closing in on their best ever start to a season.

“Yes we have want to achieve the best start. It is simply a reflection that things are going well. There is much talk but the team must still win. No-one wants to stop winning. But, we can continue to talk about it while we win.”

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