‘Messi refused my hand, but…’

Raul Baena believes Lionel Messi was responsible for their missed handshake at the weekend, but reflects it is no big issue anyway.

In the pre-match handshake between Rayo Vallecano and Barcelona, cameras picked up on Baena and Messi failing to shake hands with each other, but both with everyone else.

Attention has focused on the issue, as it was followed in game by the defensive midfielder’s tackle on the Argentine forward, which earned a booking.

“This is an issue that I would like to clarify, because in the many reports it has been assumed that it was me who refused to greet Messi,” Baena reflected to Rayo’s official website today.

“They were the visitors and were passing us by for the greeting. You can clearly see that there is hint from me to shake hands, in seeing him pass by, I retract mine.

“I do not know if he did not notice, but I do not give it any importance. Nor I do not want to focus much on this, it is an insignificant detail, but I want to clarify and settle the issue now.

“And also the foul I committed on Messi, which is also being spoken about. It is a foul that is seen in many games with many players and it is not given the slightest attention.

“It is an action that the referee has punished with a yellow card and nothing more. I believe that to dwell on an action of the game is nonsense.”

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