‘I hope the fans enjoy Bale’

Former Real Madrid and Barcelona striker Ronaldo has refused to comment on whether €100m is too much for Gareth Bale.

Los Blancos bought the Wales international to Santiago Bernabeu this summer for a world record fee.

But the ex-Brazilian goalscorer has declined to say whether the 24-year-old is worth that amount.

“I don’t know the answer to that one,” he told AS.

“Every year we get taken aback by the amounts paid in football, but hopefully he can play well and how much he cost will be forgotten.

“I hope the fans enjoy watching him.”

Ronaldo was then asked how much he would be worth were he playing now.

“I don’t know [laughs]. But players shouldn’t even think about it, that way madness lies.

“I struggled with it, but I managed to forget about it, on the pitch at least.”

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