‘Gala pushed us for half an hour’

Karim Benzema believes that Isco’s goal just after the half-hour mark was crucial in aiding Real Madrid’s efforts against Galatasaray.

Madrid ran out with a convincing 6-1 scoreline in the opening matchday of the Champions League group stages, with Benzema netting twice and Cristiano Ronaldo three times.

For the French striker, though, the opening goal from Isco helped settle the match.

“I believe Galatasaray played a very good first half hour – very confident, aggressive, pushing us back a lot,” Benzema conceded afterwards.

“Things changed after Isco scored, his goal gave us the necessary boost. I felt very confident tonight, which obviously reflects in me scoring twice.

“But all in all the whole team performed well. This evening was one of these moments where everything seemed to fall into place.”

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