Bergara: We’ll make most of this

Markel Bergara has promised that Real Sociedad intend to make the most of their opportunity in the Champions League and will try to surprise opponents.

La Real are in only their second ever Champions League campaign this season and their first in 10 years.

All the same, beginning at home on Tuesday night against Shakhtar Donetsk in Group A, the team are embracing the challenge.

“The atmosphere is the same as it was against Lyon. Anoeta is not used to the Champions League,” Bergara told reporters beforehand.

“Certainly the atmosphere will be very good, and if we use our weapons, I am sure that we will have the opportunity to win the match.

“The setting says it all. For a club like this to reach these heights, just a few years ago it was unthinkable.

“We want to truly enjoy the experience, whilst aware that winning would be most enjoyable.

“This is the Champions League, the highest level and we will try to surprise, even though we know that Shakhtar has more experience in this type of game.”

The midfielder considered what sort of approach he is hoping for from the Ukrainians.

“The occasions we have played stronger has been against opponents that have arrived to play one on one.

“Against those who are shut off in defence, we have gotten worse results. Shakhtar play with energy, to attack and to win.

“We will try to counter that and propose a game to prevent them from playing as they intend to.”

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