Fatih Terim expects Galatasaray to ‘play from the heart’ in hosting Real Madrid in their Champions League opener tomorrow.

Gala are hosting Madrid on Tuesday evening in their Group B opener as underdogs, but with their Coach eager to impress a competitive sense.

“We will play in a group in which Real Madrid are the favourite team to qualify,” conceded Terim at first to reporters today.

“If we can reach 10 or 12 points, our chance to qualify will be higher.

“But if we forget all the mathematical calculations, I can say that we have to play each game at a high level and top capacity.

“At home we can stand up against any team any time. Playing from heart will be very important, and we will need the big support of our fans tomorrow.

“We respect each team and hope everyone respects us also. Nobody thinks we will surrender easily against our rivals.

“We will always stand up against our rivals on the field, even if we lose.”

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