Ronaldo hails his ‘special day’

Cristiano Ronaldo has thanked everyone at Real Madrid after he penned a contract extension at the club.

In a Press conference this afternoon, the Portuguese superstar admitted it was ‘a special day’ as he tied himself to Los Blancos until 2018.

“I want to thank the Press for being here,” he told reporters. “I want to thank my teammates, my Coach and finally the President for agreeing a deal that makes me extremely happy.

“For me it's a privilege to continue here. It's like it was my first day. I'm going to continue with the same spirit of self-sacrifice and I'll do everything for the shirt.

“For me it's a special day and I'm very grateful, especially to the President and to the fans who have supported me. There are the reason why I'm staying here, at my home, maybe through to the end of my career.

“For me this club is the best, I'm really really happy".

The President and I gave our word to each other at the end of last season to do the deal. I always wanted to and the President told me he did too. It’s for them, the Real Madrid fans, that I’ve renewed. For us [the club and player] it wasn’t a drawn out negotiation.

The fans at the Bernabeu are unique. But not just in the stadium, everywhere in the city. They’ve always shown me that they like how I play, how I am. And how I make a contribution on the pitch. This was tremendously important for me, because when you feel loved by your teammates, the President and the fans it’s easy to make the decision.

“I don’t know if I’ll retire here. I want to enjoy it while my body and my head allow. I’ll try and play to the maximum.

I never thought about leaving Madrid because I feel really good here, at home. Everyone treats me well, which is important for me. It was a long process but it ended well and I’m very happy.

We’ll try and win everything and I’ll try and do the same with goals and assists. We’ll do the best we can, we give it the utmost.

Ronaldo was then asked if he was now the highest paid player in the world.

That’s not the most important thing. In life some things are more important than money. It is important, yes. But it’s not the priority, that is being at the best club in the world.

“The President wants to sign the best players in the world and I include myself among them. The club is ready to win more Champions, more leagues and more cups. The problem wasn’t just about money.

I don’t like to give myself a grade, but I think they were a good four years. I’ve worked hard to get where I am but I think you can always improve.

“You can always get better and learn more. I’m an ambitious person and I don’t set limits on myself. I want to score another 200 goals.

Sooner or later we’re going to win [La Decima]. I think it’ll be this year.

I’ll be honest. Manchester gave me so much and I’ll never forget them, but United is in the past. Now this is my home and my family is here and I’m happy. I respect every club but my goal is to be here and play here to the end of my career. Nobody knows teh future but I want to be here for another five more years and to win things. I’m happy. I’ll do my best on the pitch and help my teammates as always. I want to score goals and set them up.”

Details of the contract are protected by a confidentiality clause, but AS believe that Ronaldo is likely to earn €12.5m per season, plus another €1.5m in bonuses.

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