‘Madrid kept trying for Neymar’

Sandro Rosell says Barcelona won’t be replacing Victor Valdes with Iker Casillas, whilst also revealing Real Madrid’s late attempts to sign Neymar.

Valdes has made clear his intention to see out his contract with the Catalans and then leave on a free transfer next summer.

Considering the situation, the club’s President reflected that there is a long time to go until he does leave, so talks to try and get him to change his mind are not urgent.

“When I see him, I greet him,” commented Rosell in conversation with TV3.

“We can ask him whenever we see him. I tried to convince him to stay whilst I will not say that we have met.

“I have tried and so far the moment has not arrived. We can try again. Let us go through the year, which is very long.

“Casillas as a replacement? No. In any case. There are icons that belong to one club. Madrid are not thinking of signing Xavi. I do not see Casillas with the badge of Barca.”

Rosell also commented on Barca’s signing this summer of Neymar, which reportedly had Real Madrid at the last minute trying to hijack the deal.

“When we reached a preliminary agreement with his father, at that time he had passed a medical with Madrid. That’s what people in Brazil tell us.

“I have not asked Neymar or his father, but we joked after we reached an agreement that he did not need to pass his medical.

“But it was easy. The player from the first moment wanted to come to Barca. Although, Madrid were sending emails to Santos even as we were signing the contract.”

Rosell also commented on his experiences as President of the club up to now.

“This job is constantly putting out fires. This is Barca and is our way of being. This is our home. Everything is being questioned.

“Things are explained, re-explained and are again questioned. This will not change and will continue to be the case after we leave. Sometimes we complicate life.”

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