‘Cristiano, Bale can work together’

Ronaldo Luis Nazario da Lima has backed Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale to hit things off in attack for Real Madrid.

Attention is on how the Portuguese will work in Madrid’s attack with the club’s high-profile summer signing from Tottenham.

Los Blancos’ former Galactico doesn’t share concerns from some quarters that they may not compliment each other’s style.

“I think that these two players are going to work very well together in Madrid, they will triumph together with Madrid and the fans will enjoy them,” Ronaldo told reporters on Sunday evening.

“They will do good things together, they are going to get along, of course, the best always understand each other and in Madrid there will be much enjoyment from them.”

Barcelona also have a notable duo in attack looking to strike up a partnership in Lionel Messi and Neymar.

“I do not know which pair will work better, Cristiano and Bale or theirs, but I think that they will both do well because they are all great players.”

The Brazilian’s former teammate Ricardo Kaka made a late return this summer to Milan.

“Kaka feels good in Italy and has done the best for him and for Madrid, they have reached a good agreement.

“For one reason or another he did not have the opportunities in Madrid, but I think that in Milan he will play well and be as good as he was before.”

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