‘Scotland more competitive than Spain’

Jose Maria del Nido has once more taken the opportunity to hit out at the uneven distribution of television revenue in La Liga.

Clubs in Spain currently negotiate separate packages with broadcasters, with Barcelona and Real Madrid accounting for 50 per cent of the money generated each season.

Sevilla President Del Nido, who has been a leading critic and regularly vocalises his disdain for the situation, today once more surmised his view.

“The Scottish Premier League is more competitive than the Spanish League,” Del Nido told reporters today.

“Here, the teams that finish first and second pick up 40 points more than the first team in the table not to finish in the European qualification positions, and this is the only championship where the first and second teams take 70 points more than the side that finishes last.

“The first thing I hope is that could be effective is that the sale of television rights is done so collectively. Everything indicates that the government will impose this too.

“We also hope for a fair distribution so as to have a League that is competitive.

“Do you believe that a team with a €30m budget, if they receive an extra €15m, will have the same team?

“No, it will be more competitive. This will make the other teams more competitive. The Leagues in Europe are closer because they have collective television deals.

“Just look at England, France, Italy…such distribution at a ratio of 10:1 does not exist.”

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