Guillen defends Betis’ Europa cuts

Real Betis President Miguel Guillen has explained and backed the reasons for cutting Javier Chica and Javier Matilla from the club’s Europa League squad.

Los Beticos have notably dropped the regular first-team members from their 21-man roster for the group stages of the competition, under the suspicion of prioritising the League.

“It is a technical decision. I understand the reasons as I was at that meeting,” Guillen has reflected to reporters this week.

“Firstly, the coaching staff wanted to reserve some important players for this season, they are starters for the performance that they are giving at the moment.

“They are also two players with many alternatives in their position. In the case that we had chosen otherwise, the problem would have been greater.

“Our choices are evaluated and calibrated. We were asked to compile a comprehensive squad to make us competitive in three competitions.

“Our thinking has been towards all three, whilst aware that no matter what happens, historically we are participating in European competition.

“If we only thought about the Europa League then we would have acted differently, but we cannot do that.

“Betis’ vital importance is given to the League and we want to dedicate these two players without inconvenience to the League.”

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