‘Mendilibar judged on last year too’

Osasuna President Miguel Archanco has reflected that Jose Luis Mendilibar was sacked for performances dating back to last season.

Mendilibar became the first managerial casualty of the season after just three games, when Los Rojillos met on Tuesday and voted for his removal.

However, as the club’s President made clear, the decision was taken with performances from last season also in the equation.

“When you fill up a glass, you wait until the bubbles have come down before seeing how much is actually in the glass,” considered Archanco to reporters this week.

“Monday afternoon we all considered things on our own and then on Tuesday we have gathered to decide.

“There was no question of rushing, but to come to an agreement with time. If we waited for the Getafe match [next up in Week 4], we could have been in a bad environment, or strained, and with this decision we had more time for the technical future and more time to meet with the squad.

“Is this a hasty decision after cutting costs at the club? You do not know the costs, so you do not know how little or much they are. The cuts will continue because they are part of our line.

“If the decision is taken on the third week then it is hasty, if it is taken on the sixth week then we have lost time. There is always the possibility of seeing the glass half full or half empty.”

Mendilibar was handed a contract for the 2013-14 campaign only in June.

“The renewal agreement is for three specific issues. First, Jose Luis had a contract that if he kept the team in the Primera Division, then he had the right to renew.

“The board, before renewing, spoke to the technical secretary at the time, who states that he does not have the enthusiasm and does not want to continue.

“We talked about the Coach and it was said that he was the best Coach we could have. There was no mention of any alternative, by the board or by the technical secretary.

“And taking into account the personal attachment and affection that the entire board has had, continues to have and will always have with Jose Luis Mendilibar, the decision was reached to continue with him, with the new contract.

“There is no mistake made. The season finale was traumatic, troublesome, but also due to the state of nervousness about the circumstances that surrounded us on the plight of the team.

“We did not value the style of play from the Valladolid game [last season] until the end. Then, as the season began, I took very deep disappointment in what I saw in the first half against Granada.

“In the second game I saw the Osasuna that we all wanted to see. At the game at Anoeta, I saw that Osasuna had a good game, but I have seen a lot of football and would have preferred us to have played badly as Athletic did and won 2-0. For me, we had not improved our game. That’s not the style of Osasuna, that is not Osasuna.

“And then comes the third game against Villarreal. For 12 years I have been a director and I was embarrassed by the team.

“We analysed the issue and we added these three games to the last nine of last season. And so that is why I believe that it was not an error to renew Mendilibar’s contract in the summer.”

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