Bale: I want to keep improving

Gareth Bale has reflected on his first day as a Real Madrid player, his ambitions with the club and having Cristiano Ronaldo as a teammate.

The Welshman was presented to over 20,000 fans at the Santiago Bernabeu on Monday afternoon, before then facing the media in a first Press conference.

On from this, the 24-year-old, who has signed in a deal worth €91m to €100m, has given his first interview as a Madrid player.

“It’s great to be here, I wasn’t expecting so many fans to turn up to support me, the holidays are just over and for so many to turn out and come and support me and wish me luck was a nice welcome, it was absolutely amazing,” Bale reflected on yesterday’s reception to Madrid’s official website.

“They made me feel very welcome and very home already, so thanks to them for that. It’s great to be here. My dream come true and hopefully now I do good business on the pitch.

“Why Real Madrid? I think that the football stadium is a great place, I’ve always been here, the trophies that I’ve won, I think that…when I was younger I always watched a lot of football and Real Madrid was always the one team that stood out for me, which is why I’ve been following them since I was younger until now.

“When you’re a boy you see how the players are unveiled and putting on the white shirt you think: “Could that be me?” That day is finally here now and it literally is a dream come true.

“My idols at the club? It’s hard to say because I think there’s a lot of talent here. I’ve seen the ones a bit before my time, Puskas, Di Stefano, etc.

“So, yes, there are a lot of players who were here that have been unbelievable; world-class and legends of the game. Hopefully I can become the player I want to be and be in that league.”

The winger reflected on his hopes whilst with Madrid.

“For me I want to keep improving. I’ve come to the best in the world – you have the best Coaches, the best managers, the best players. It’s all in place to keep improving, to have the best facilities…

“I want to keep getting better as a player and hopefully reach my potential and what I really think I can do.”

Bale has drawn comparisons in his playing style with Cristiano Ronaldo, who he will now have as a teammate.

 “Yes, I think it’s another massive dream come true for me. I’ve been watching him since he first started for Manchester United.

“For me he’s the best player in the world and it will be a pleasure to play with him, you can really learn off the best and he’s certainly is that.

“It will be great and hopefully we can both work together and probably win a lot more trophies for Real Madrid and become a better team.”

That team comes under the management of Carlo Ancelotti.

“I think he’s a great manager. In every club he’s been I’ve spoken to players who have had him as a manager and they always say he’s been the best manager they’ve ever had.

“It was a big factor in me coming and working with him. As for the squad, I think it’s an absolutely amazing squad.

“I’ll have to work hard to get into the starting XI. I know that the players here are the best players in the world and I came here to be a part of it and to try to be in the starting XI and win trophies.”

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