Calderon accuses Perez of ‘arrogance’

Former Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon has accused current incumbent Florentino Perez of ‘arrogance’.

The Santiago Bernabeu side are set to pay €100m for Tottenham’s Gareth Bale, and the ex-chief has insisted that the move could unsettle Cristian Ronaldo.

“The President in some cases is behaving with a bit of arrogance,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“When you are very powerful, like Real Madrid is, you have to be humble. It’s what I did.

“You can’t go over the world just pushing things to the limit.

“It seems like the club, Real Madrid, thought that everything was done.

“Everyone thought they could show a picture of the stage where Bale was going to be presented to the fans.

“In this case, I think they’ve gone too far and, the arrogance, I don’t think it’s the right way to behave in life.

“I don’t think he’s [Ronaldo] going to be happy with that.

 “The extension of the contract is going to be a problem in this case, with that amount of money paid for Bale.”

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