Jemez: Thank God it was only five

Paco Jemez was highly critical of his Rayo Vallecano players after a thrashing at Atletico Madrid, urging them to realise ‘we are the smallest team in the League’.

The Madrid minnows were hit with a resounding 5-0 defeat at their city neighbours in a one-sided result that left their Coach ‘embarrassed and humiliated’.

“We did almost everything wrong. Therefore this is the result that has occurred,” Jemez reflected afterwards.

“When you play bad and offer so little, it is not a question of improving one thing or another. It is an issue of improving the collective, the group, and everything they have done.

“We have not deserved anything more than what happened on the field.

“When you play like we did here and you find yourself against an opponent as strong as Atletico Madrid, the best that can happen is that you lose by only five.

“We are going to spend the next few days humiliated and embarrassed and look to Levante to get back to demonstrating that we are a competitive team and that our attitude cannot jeopardise anything.

“The players feel as I do. Embarrassed, humiliated and hurt for what has happened, but we have deserved nothing more.

“We are the smallest team in the League. We have 19 others, then us in 20th. And nobody has entered that into their head.

“Until we are aware of this, we will not enter into a good dynamic. Thank God it was just five.

“We are the smallest in the League, the worst in the League is us. When we are aware of that, we can compete with anyone.”

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