Carvajal expects Granada test

Dani Carvajal has warned against Real Madrid going out to Granada on Monday with the mentality as favourites.

Los Blancos close out Week 2’s fixtures with a trip to Los Carmenes to face Lucas Alcaraz’s Andalucians.

“I don’t think we are the favourite team,” offered Carvajal in an interview published on his club’s official website on Monday.

“We are going to a very difficult field against a great rival who has a team that is doing things really well.

“The key is to stay together and to be a strong team. We will try to go at them with a lot of intensity and to show our game from minute one.”

Carvajal is back with Madrid this season as they exercised a buyback option in the summer to retain his services after a year with Bayer Leverkusen.

“For me this is something very special because I have belonged at the Real Madrid for 10 years. I had to leave to be able to wear the Real Madrid jersey and my debut was in an official competition against Betis [last weekend]. For me that was something that I am never going to forget.

“My main goal is to give the most that I can for the team, try to get as much play time as possible because I think that is something that any player should improve on.

“Work under the Coach so far? I think he is a great Coach, this is shown in all the titles he has won as coach and as a player.

“He provides a very good atmosphere for us in the locker room, he is very close to the players. I think that we can be a great Real Madrid under Carlo.”

The full-back was asked of the differences he has noticed so far between German and Spanish football.

“They are two great Leagues with great teams as seen on the last European competitions.

“Maybe the difference is in the speed of the game, here in Spain it is at a lower pace, with more quality at the midfield and towards the front.

“There perhaps there is a quicker play with more transition.”

Carvajal was also probed on his handling of the German language and whether he still practices it with teammates Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira.

“I try, and they do try to talk to me a little in German, but we always try to speak in Spanish since they have been here longer. Since we are in Spain we speak Spanish.”

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