Djukic: Team above individuals

Miroslav Djukic has commented on Jeremy Mathieu’s outburst and reflected that Valencia will only progress by working as a united group.

Mathieu hit out at the Coach on Tuesday due to frustration at believing in training that day he would not be featuring in first team plans for the coming weekend.

Having since apologised, Mathieu is seen as in contention to start at full-back against Espanyol, as his Coach looks to put the issue behind them.

“These are normal things, he has apologised, even if it would be useful for this kind of thing not to happen again,” Djukic reflected to reporters today.

“We have not set any rules, it is normal to have these confrontations and these things happen until the player realises that all that matters is what you do on the field.

“The players have to dedicate themselves to working, the team is above everyone. Fulfilling the objectives of Valencia will be fulfilling the individual goals.

“In all families there are confrontations, the kids try to see what they can do and what they can’t.

“It happens in the dressing room as well and the best thing is that common sense prevails. Players are dedicated on the field and there are no allegiances.

“If we are to achieve our objectives then it can be only as a team. If we think we are phenomenal individuals then we will stay fifth.”

The Serbian then turned his attention to Saturday evening’s hosts and the dangers they pose at Cornella-El Prat.

“Espanyol are very intense, they pressure hard and move out from defence fast, so we must match their intensity and be sure to not lose possession, to prevent counter-attacks.

“We must dominate the passing game. The game will demand much tactical discipline, we must be very careful.

“Are my first XI plans clear? It would be bad if by the Friday I did not have a clear idea of the XI.

“We work through the week looking at who the opponent is and their characteristics, we have to do things very well in order to win there.

“I think the quality will not be decisive in this game, it will be down to tactical order and discipline.”

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