‘In my day, we all took something’

Malaga’s Bernd Schuster has claimed that ‘in my day, we all took something’, in relation to doping in football and reflected on today’s ‘extreme cases’.

The current Coach spent 20 years in the professional game playing between the top Leagues in Germany and in Spain, including spells at Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

In an interview today with German publication Sport Bild Plus, the current Malaga boss commented on his view on doping in the game.

“As long as it is done in search of recovery, I have no problem with it,” Schuster is quoted today.

“It is not about a player being 120, 150 or 180 per cent above their normal performance. It should be done to return the player to their normal level as soon as possible.

“Nowadays? Some players have more pills and tablets than they do deodorant and perfume. They always need to take something for some reason.

“They are very delicate, they need to be prepared for anything. And it is often just a state of mind. You can give them glucose and tell them it is good for them and they’d take it.

“But, these are extreme cases. Most are interested only in proper treatment and not these different therapies.

“In my day we all drank something, not stimulants in the strictest sense. But doctors and physiotherapists always gave us something when we went to them with a small ailment.

“You didn’t think about what you were taking. Was it doping? No. It did not exist as a term.”

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