Schuster confident of opening win

Malaga boss Bernd Schsuter has admitted that his side face a tough opponent in Valencia this weekend.

The Andalusian side play MIroslav Djukic’s men in their opening Liga fixture of the season, but the German Coach is confident of a good result.

“Tomorrow’s match will be tough against a big rival, however we’re confident we can come home with a good result,” he told a Press conference.

“Although some key players have left, Valencia are a great team who play good football. 

“Banega is one to watch out for, the team work well on the wings and has a strong attack.  They’ve got a new coach and perform well in front of their fans.”

Schuster the commented on his team’s tough opening – playing Valencia, Barcelona and Sevilla in the first three weeks.

“It’s going to be a difficult start to the season, but I like it that way.  

“They’ll all present a big challenge to us, but we work well in high-pressure games.  When forming a new team, having tough matches from the get-go is a good way to start. 

“I’m confident in our ability, and everyone on the team has been working extremely hard.  It’s important that we look to the future and have faith in what we do and what we can achieve. 

“That’s my philosophy, it was the same with the smaller teams and it’ll be the same with Málaga.  We’re focusing on an intelligent, balanced style of game play.”

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