‘Messi, Cristiano didn’t win a treble’

Franck Ribery says he is favourite to win the European Player of the Year Award despite the claims of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

The Bayern Munich winger told Sport Bild that, although the pair had scored more goals last season, in the end it is titles that count.

“My level was at the maximum for the whole 2012-13 season, I was always on form, and I won all that I could have won. Those are weighty arguments

“Messi and Cristiano scored more goals, but they didn’t win a treble like me. In the voting process titles are always important.

“Both of them are great players but I think my chances of winning the trophy are greater,” declared the French international.

Ribery also revealed he could have joined Barcelona before the 2008-09 season.

“[Eric] Abidal tried to get me to sign for Barca and it did cross my mind, but I already had a contract [with Bayern].

“I was fascinated with Pep Guardiola because not only is he a great boss but he is also a great person.

“I was even more delighted when he came to Bayern,” added Ribery.

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