Villas-Boas: ‘Bale doesn’t speak’

Tottenham Hotspur boss Andre Villas-Boas says Gareth Bale does not speak about his situation at the club as he seeks a move to Real Madrid.

The Portuguese admitted to ESPN that he finds Bale’s lack of communication disconcerting and that it is impossible to know his mood, while he also insisted that ‘the player’s future is with Tottenham’.

“Nobody knows what Gareth’s state of mind is. The only thing we see is him arriving at and leaving the training ground,” admitted Villas-Boas.

“But that’s okay. The ideal thing would be for him to stay here with us. His future is here with us,” he added.

Nevertheless, the Spurs boss has already confirmed Welsh international Bale will miss the season’s opener a
against Crystal Palace this weekend, citing the player’s lack of playing time during pre-season due to injury as the reason for his absence. 

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