Segunda bribery attempt uncovered

Newspaper Marca claims it has uncovered a bribery attempt in La Segunda concerning Racing Santander and Girona.

The Spanish daily has published details of a conversation alleged to have taken place between former Racing President Francisco Pernia [pictured, centre], current President Angel Lavin, football agent Eugenio Botas, Girona President Joaquim Boadas and former Girona chief executive Kat Gorska.

In it, Marca maintains Racing de Santander tried to get Girona to sign a document admitting it deliberately fielded an illegal line-up against them, consequently providing the Cantabrians with three points from the match which would have helped them avoid relegation to Segunda B.

It is believed Racing had already reported the illegal line-up and that the Spanish Sports Disciplinary Committee had sided with them, although Girona were not punished as it was ruled they had not acted in bad faith or with the intention of gaining an advantage.

As a result, Racing are alleged to have to tried to convince Girona to help them out in their efforts to attempt to remain in La Segunda.

“The most important thing is to stay up, something which the players failed to achieve on the pitch. We're looking for any way possible,” Pernia allegedly commented.

“We have taken the carefully considered decision to come here and ask you this question. We can do it today, or tomorrow, or the next day, but in five days it will be too late… They won't take the points off you, because that would have had to happen within 48 hours of the match.
“These things are extremely delicate, because they almost always end up coming out, so it is best if it remains between us, and if there are journalists around here, well we're talking about a player or something else.

“After looking at what happened with Mirandes, with Guadalajara and all of the possible situations, we're here today after debating the matter at length last night. 

“We’ve taken the audacity to come here and make this proposal, and of course you would receive a consideration in return, which would be whatever we agree to.

“We've brought you something, because we want something from you, so it comes down to a business transaction, a deal. And that's what we have come to propose."

Girona President Boadas is allegedly heard to say on several occasions during the conversation that “we are not going to sign anything illegal, anything that is irregular. If we can help you without doing anything wrong, then we can look into that."







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