Mourinho: I told truth about Ronaldo

Jose Mourinho has attempted to play down his remarks last week that he ‘coached the real Ronaldo – the Brazilian’.

The Chelsea boss spoke to reporters after seeing his side beaten 3-1 by Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup in Miami, with one-time charge Cristiano Ronaldo, the subject of his comments, scoring two goals.

Cristiano has since responded by making his disappointment in Mourinho clear, although the former Real Madrid tactician insisted he was only telling the truth.

“It’s not my movie. I told the truth about [the Brazilian] Ronaldo because he was the first. If you asked me who the real Muller was, if it was Thomas or Gerd, I’d tell you it was the latter.

“To me he is the first because he is the oldest and this is just a film that has been produced in Madrid. I don’t know what [Cristiano] Ronaldo said because it’s not my problem and I only give my best for Chelsea,” he declared.

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