Neymar health not a worry

Barcelona say Neymar’s diagnosis with anaemia is not a worry to the player’s health, according to Marca.

The Brazilian is reported to have felt jaded during the 8-0 Gamper Trophy victory over his former club Santos, but the Catalan club’s medical team maintains it is totally at ease with his condition.

The reason is that Neymar is only slightly short on iron and his condition should be sorted out in a matter of a few days.

The 21-year-old’s deficiency can be traced back to early July when he had an operation to remove his tonsils to improve a problematic breathing condition, while it is understood that patients who undergo this kind of operation often feel weak and suffer from anaemia due to the amount of blood lost.

Nonetheless, Neymar’s condition is mild and he is training as normal. In addition, Barca say they expect him to play in both fixtures on their Asian tour.

The club’s medical staff are understood to have prescribed the striker iron and vitamin supplements as well as placing him on a diet of iron-rich foods, while they are also looking to bulk him up as he arrived in Spain around three kilos below his ideal weight.

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