‘Madrid is not football, it’s politics’

Jose Mourinho has hit out at Real Madrid, claiming his former cub is ‘not about football’ but ‘politics’.

The Portuguese tactician left Santiago Bernabeu this summer after three years in charge, but has defended time in charge of Los Blancos.

“I know Madrid is a special club,” he told ESPN. “Madrid is politics. Madrid is not about football, Madrid is not about sport, is about many things around.

“In the second year, we won the championship, we were the best team in Spanish history, we did 100 points, we scored 121 goals, and then the third year was the year of elections.

“Elections in that club mean a lot and we were in the middle of things that were not normal and only people that are inside can understand what it is.

“The season was not so bad. We reached the cup final, of course we lost but we reached the cup final. We reached the Champions League semi-finals [and were] one goal from the final so the season was not so bad but finishing without trophies, only with the Super Cup – we beat Barcelona in the Super Cup – is not enough for me."

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