Rosell: One more Barca arrival

Sandro Rosell has said that Barcelona plan to sign one more player to the first team before the end of the transfer window.

The club are seen as in the market for a centre-back and this week are reported as having drawn up a list of targets, all based in the Premier League.

Today, the Blaugrana’s President has certified that a new addition to the team will be forthcoming before the transfer window is closed.

“Before August 31 I can say that there will be a further addition to the team,” Rosell told attendees at the 34th World Congress of Barcelona supporters today.

“But, it is not always that you can sign the players you intend to, because clubs do not want to sell.”

Rosell, having clearly alluded to the club’s so far unsuccessful summer pursuit of Paris Saint-Germain’s Thiago Silva, then turned his attention to the change of Coach forced recently.

“It was a very tough season and a little said for having to end our time with Tito. It was a privilege to have had a Coach like him. Everyone at Barca is united with him and wish him the best in recovering.

“Tata is little known in Europe, but we will get to know him. He meets the human and technical profile at the club.

“Everyone who has met him and is working with him is happy. He is a very good Coach, he likes our model and can bring new ideas to improve it.”

Barca have had a first week of new signing Neymar training at the club, with attention focused already on his relationship with Lionel Messi.

“As people they get along and I suppose in the field they will too.

“We have a supermotivated Messi. The doctors say that he is in the best condition that he has ever been in.

“He is laughing whenever I see him in training and I like that a lot. He is the best in the world and is our leader.”

The President also reflected to the 1,000 or so attendees today on the club’s strategy to improve their financial situation further.

“Following the recovery, we have returned to profit. We continue to reduce debt. We arrived here with it at €500m and the goal is to reduce it by €300m to leave it at €200m by the end of our mandate [June 2016].”

This week saw the club lose former goalkeeper Antoni Ramallets.

“Antoni Ramallets will have the tribute that he deserves at the Camp Nou during the Joan Gamper Trophy.”

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