Barca lost €8.3m on Villa

Barcelona’s economic Vice-President Javier Faus says the club have lost €8.3m in selling David Villa this summer to Atletico Madrid.

Los Colchoneros picked up the 31-year-old earlier this month in a cut-price €5.1m deal that sees them pay only an initial fee of €2.1m this summer.

Whilst the low cost of the deal has raised eyebrows, Faus has today tried to explain the benefit from Barcelona’s side.

“The fee will be €2.5m, or €5m, depending on if he meets the three years of his contract. We have lost €8.3m,” began Faus to reporters today.

Barca had to pay a final €10m fee to Valencia as part of their 2010 purchase of the striker, and have pulled in around €2.1m from Atleti.

“From the economic point of view we have become obsessed with the cost of transfers, but what counts is the wage, which is fixed.

“There are also many more expenses such as agents, signing on fees etc… Villa had a high salary, which increased each year, but we could not avoid this.

“We have pulled in €5m, which we spend on other signings. In January he could have negotiated with other clubs and the club would have not received anything. This was good economic management.”

Barca also recently closed on a €25m sale of young midfielder Thiago Alcantara to Bayern Munich.

“Everything can be improved in life. On a sporting level, selling Thiagp is not good, but from the economic viewpoint, it is not bad.

“We have taken €25m for a player, which is not usual, and it is not bad, especially considering that his clause was €18m.

“We could do very well selling players, but there are some that we must have.”

Faus also ran through the club’s books for the 2012-13 season, explaining that revenues increased to €491m, €21m more than anticipated, resulting in a €44m gross profit, the second highest ever for the club.

Meanwhile, Barca were

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