LFP form Department of Integrity

The Spanish Football League has today announced the formation of the Department of Integrity, to tackle match fixing and fraud in the game.

The second half of last season saw the League (LFP) file an allegation of alleged match fixing on Levante’s March fixture with Deportivo, as well as open up cases of investigation on a number of Segunda Division fixtures, due to suspicious betting activity.

On from this, the organisation have confirmed today the formation of the Department of Integrity, with the primary purpose to sporting and audiovisual fraud.

“The new department is operational and has been working for more than a month on issues related to match-fixing, illegal betting, piracy  of games and their illegal broadcast over the internet,” read the LFP’s statement released today.

The statement goes on to cite the example of the Premier League from earlier this week, who have obtained a High Court order to deny Swedish-based website First Row Sports access to internet service providers for copyright reasons relating to the illegal broadcast of games.

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