Banega: Valencia deserve a title

Ever Banega has reflected on his determination to pay back Valencia for their support, insisting also that the club are worthy of winning something this term.

The Argentine is currently out in Germany with the rest of his teammates as part of their preseason training camp.

“I am grateful that I have had so much affection, so many chances and it is time to return it in style on the pitch,” Banega told the club’s official television channel today.

“I am proud to be a part of Valencia. I have spent a while here, I know the place very well and it really leaves a mark on you.

“There’s a style, it marks you for life. You become one of them.

“I face this season with the same enthusiasm and ambition as previous ones. I am proud to be one of the oldest here at 25.

“Djukic? After seeing how a team like Valladolid have played, now he is at Valencia where he has players of great quality, and he will not have any problem in developing how he wants us to play.

“With the squad that we have here, we deserve to win a title.”

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