‘Malaga almost excluded from League’

Secretary of State for Sport Miguel Cardenal has revealed that excluding Malaga from the Primera Division last summer was considered.

Last summer saw the Anchovies’ financial situation worsen amid owner Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani’s withdrawal of funding, with money owed to players and other clubs.

Whilst it has ultimately resulted in a number of players leaving and the club being banned for next season from European competition, Cardenal has revealed that it could have been even worse this time last year.

The current Secretary of State for Sport and President of the Sports Council has claimed that his organisation alongside the Spanish Football League LFP), considered Malaga’s exclusion from the Primera Division for 2012-13.

“The Joint Committee formed by the CSD and the League raised to prevent access for Malaga to the League for 2012-13, because they had entered into a situation that bordered on being unsustainable,” explained Cardenal to reporters today.

“We talked to [Malaga’s director general] Vicente Casado and his team and decided to rely on their hard viability plan presented to us, and now a year later we can say that it has been met.

“If Malaga are currently in the Primera Division then it is because of the efforts undertaken.

“The fans must reflect on some of the decisions, which whilst unpopular, were required for the survival of the club.

“Now, Malaga are much healthier.”

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