‘We’re far from Negredo agreement’

Jose Maria del Nido says that Alvaro Negredo is travelling with Sevilla to South America this week, as an agreement for his transfer is ‘far from agreed’.

The 27-year-old has continually been the subject of speculation this summer, thanks in part to Del Nido’s admittance that he is looking to leave the club.

Manchester City and Atletico Madrid are both seen as in talks with the Andalucians, but their President has asserted that the player will continue preseason preparations with them, including travelling out for the South American tour on Wednesday.

“With Negredo there has been progress, but we are far from reaching an agreement. I will not speculate,” declared Del Nido to reporters today.

“Sevilla has priced the player at an amount and whilst it may vary in certain concepts, Sevilla will either be paid what is requested or he will remain here for the three years of his contract.

“There’s no hurry. We are in a better position than a month ago and that shows in the signings we have made and what we are paying.

“Furthermore, Alvaro is training superbly, because he is happy. There is no chance that he will not board the plane for the South American tour unless he is on the fringes [of the squad] and that is not the case.

“Negredo has the same chance as Beto and Unai [Emery] in travelling to South America.”

Del Nido also curiously indicated that City were further from reaching an agreement with Sevilla than Atletico Madrid, who are believed to have tabled a €13m bid.

“We do not speculate with Negredo. What is asked will be paid or he will stay. The substitute for Alvaro Negredo is Alvaro Negredo. I am not talking about any substitute player because I do not see Negredo as leaving.

“There is more distance with City than there is with Atletico Madrid. I wish it was that €3m was the difference in negotiations, I wish that was the problem.

“I will not say the price that has been put on him because that would be to sell a player who is loved, and that I do not want to do. The ideal scenario is for him to stay at Sevilla, to renew for two more years and increase his value.”

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