Mediapro suggest midday Clasico

Mediapro’s President has suggested that the Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid should lead the way in more midday kick-offs for 2013-14.

The television broadcaster’s chief has today called on the Spanish Football League to target the Asian market and use the midday kick-off slot more frequently and with bigger games, such as the first Clasico of the season.

The lunchtime fixture was introduced into the League calendar last season to much criticism and saw Barcelona and Real Madrid trialled at the time just once each.

For Mediapro’s Jaume Roures, the opportunity is there to try the League’s most eye-catching game in the slot, scheduled for the weekend of October 26-27, as part of a bigger push.

“I would like the Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid to be played at 12 noon,” commented Roures in conversation with RAC1 today.

“The Spanish League has struggled with having a presence in Asia, so the best time for the games would be between 12 and 4pm.”

Roures also indicated that the LFP may consider scheduling more games during this four-hour time slot.

“The clubs are seriously considering it for this season. We’ll see what the final result is. Ultimately, the beneficiary would be the television operators, but the first beneficeries would be the clubs.

“The Asian market is the most important today. The Spanish League should play a primary role and this is where the League is struggling for presence.

“The Asian countries do not have local teams, their references are in England and those teams. That will change gradually. Playing at 12 should be part of a line of action from the League and the clubs.

“Valencia and Real Madrid are in favour. Madrid pioneered the time. Barca were more reluctant, but the game last season [against Getafe], opened their eyes.”

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