Khedira: A new chapter at Madrid

Sami Khedira has enthused at starting work at Real Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti and admitted to the poor relationships that existed under Jose Mourinho.

Today sees Madrid’s players report back for a first day of preseason, where in the afternoon they are due to be put through a first training session by new Coach Ancelotti.

“A new chapter begins at Madrid and at the same time in my career,” Khedira reflected to Die Welt.

“A new Coach is always associated with a new beginning. There are new ideas, a different philosophy of play, I feel a great excitement, I am still very proud to play for Real Madrid.

“Whoever plays at this club, they are playing for titles. I’m sure that the work of Carlo Ancelotti can see us take another step forward.

“I have heard a lot about Ancelotti. Moreover, my teammate Kaka has worked many years with him in Milan. The things he has said have been positive.

“Where he has worked, he has been successful. His teams have always played well. As was the case in Paris last year.

“We have an experienced Coach, a great personality and that puts an emphasis on tactics and discipline. Ancelotti likes to play football and strikes for a team that offers something for its fans.”

Ancelotti was brought in after a difficult third and final year under Jose Mourinho, that saw the Portuguese reportedly clash with a number of players in the dressing room.

“The fact that this issue was so present in public is because there were undoubtedly some inconsistencies in the club.

“Certainly it would have been nice if we had reached the Champions League Final and won the Copa del Rey. This problem was not just with the Coach, but with the players also. We have failed ourselves.

“I think we should have great respect for Jose Mourinho. We have not won enough international titles, but we have succeeded domestically. To me, he is still a great Coach and person.

“Would I go to Chelsea with him? I loved working with Mourinho and I am grateful for the interest.

“He gave me a chance three years ago by taking the plunge at Real Madrid on a young international playing in the Bundesliga.

“But I have a contact with Real Madrid and now I just want to work with Carlo Ancelotti.”

This summer has seen a number of Europe’s largest clubs change Coach.

“Every Coach tries to put his stamp on a new team. It will be very interesting, no doubt, as to how all these teams will play. It promises to be exciting.

“Nevertheless, apart from a new Coach, everything this year starts from scratch. It will be interesting to know how long each club takes to understand their new Coach’s ideas and then put them into practice.

“But I’m sure these six clubs [Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich] will at the level both domestically and internationally, regardless of who is on the bench.”

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