La Liga clubs to reduce wage bill

Spain’s Higher Sports Council has produced a report stating wages at Primera and Segunda clubs will be cut by around €100m next season.

If so, it will be the first step in a financial sustainability plan launched by the organisation last season which was aimed at reducing the imbalance in what clubs generate in income and what they spend.

Miguel Cardenal, Minister of State for Sport, signed an agreement with the Spanish League on his election to office in January 2012 that was accompanied by regulations for economic control, the first of which was to reduce salaries.

The €100m figure, rated as a very optimistic target 18 months ago, was reflected in a document presented on Friday at a meeting attended by representatives of the Spanish League, Spanish Football Federation and the Spanish Footballers’ Association.

In addition, budgets and the amount of money allocated for players’ contracts will in future be made public in an attempt to make finances more transparent, with clubs that fail to comply being banned from making any signings.

The plan is set to cover the period up to 2016 and also includes the adoption of a law that could be submitted to parliament later this year, one that would take effect for the 2014-15 season and incorporate the collective sale of television rights.

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