‘Malaga are on the right track’

Bernd Schuster has reflected on his early work under Malaga and reflects that he sees a group of players ‘on the right track’ for the season ahead.

The German has come in this summer as Manuel Pellegrini’s replacement and has begun preseason training with the much-changed squad of players at his disposal.

“What we are seeing now is typical of when a new Coach arrives at a club, people are eager to prove themselves and find a place in the team,” Schuster explained to reporters this week.

“At the moment, we await three more players to come into the squad. We are not complete, but we have people for every position and we will work with everyone until we are perfect. We will move forward a lot in training with these three additions due and next week when we get to the first games we can also go further. We are on track.

“Following numerous conversations, we’re very clear on the direction the team needs to go, and there’s a solid foundation to work on from last season. 

“Everyone is still very excited and motivated following last year’s success, so it’s our job as the coaching team to ensure that this positivity remains intact. 

“The team will continue to improve with additional players, and although some have left, it’s important to remain positive.”

Work under Schuster this summer sees the club mark a further significant change in their project, as they look to lower cost transfers and younger players.

“Malaga’s main project has always been very clear, with some significant changes to be made compared to previous years. 

“Focus will be on the younger players, with the aim of training them up to first team level and Primera Division Spanish football. 

“We’re looking at combining the more experienced players with some of the younger ones in the first team, which is why this is a five-year project. 

“We’ll obviously try our best, as this is only one part of the big plans, but we know where we are, what we need to do, and will take it step by step. 

“This year will be tough, but different to previous years when a team is fighting for Champions League places or to reach the top five to qualify for Europe. 

“We’ll be working as hard as possible, and there are no limits to what we can achieve.”

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