Barca ‘very surprised’ by Pep

Barcelona Vice-President Jordi Cardoner has admitted to his surprise at Pep Guardiola’s outburst at the club yesterday.

The former Barca Coach hit out at the Catalans for 'not leaving him alone' during his sabbatical from the game last season and for ‘using Tito Vilanova’s illness to hurt’ him.

“The truth is that I was very surprised,” commented Cardoner, social Vice-President for Barca, in conversation with Mundo Deportivo today.

“I left a meeting yesterday afternoon and heard some of it on the radio and when was informed further in seeing Pep’s statements and I have not understood.

“I imagine there will be some explanation behind these statements because the relationship between us, and I speak not only for myself but for the President too, has always been cordial.

“We have not used Tito’s disease to go against him and whoever would do that is a bad person.

“I believe that we have helped each other, we have worked towards the same project and when we announced that he was leaving, we respected it, perhaps as Catalans would not understand, as we would have liked to have continued with him, but respected him as a person.

“I am sure some erroneous information has reached him and I guess I will talk with the President to clarify everything.”

Cardoner pushed for peace between Guardiola and his former club.

“Barcelona fans, Catalans, are people that if there is a difference, we have always understood. I do not understand because the relationship with him and his family has been very good.

 “Maybe Pep should talk to the President to reduce these differences.

“When he left, I believe that the reasons stated were completely honest. We were all disappointed, because we had made it difficult for the person who had done so much for the club, but mostly we had respect.

“From here it is difficult to understand. It is better to explain it, but I wish it did not have more importance because Barca have to focus on the present.”

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