‘I want Thiago, Bayern need him’

Pep Guardiola has confirmed that Bayern Munich are in the running to sign Barcelona’s Thiago Alcantara: “I want Thiago, we need him.”

The young midfielder is available this summer at a reduced buyout price due to the activation of a contractual clause based on appearances last season for the Blaugrana.

Whilst heavily linked with a move to Manchester United, a report today indicated that Thiago, who was brought into the first team squad at the Camp Nou when Guardiola was Coach, in fact would like a move to the Allianz Arena.

The Germans have been linked as another interested party in the 22-year-old and now their Coach has confirmed as much too.

“Yes I want Thiago,” Guardiola told reporters at a Press conference today.

“I have told Sammer and Rummenigge that I want Thiago. Either Thiago arrives or no-one else does.

“We need Thiago, if he does not come, then no other player will for next season. He is a super, super player.

“He can play in three, four or five positions. He is smart and mentally very strong.

“In normal circumstances he would never leave Barca, but he wants to play, and with Neymar that will be harder still.

“And so we are presented with the opportunity to sign him, and that’s what I have said to Kalle [Rummenigge] and Matthias [Sammer].

“We will play six competitions and I need all my players. And we need the specific qualities of Thiago for the team. I believe he would be good for us. He can play as a ‘6’, ‘8’, ‘10’ and ‘7’.

“No player wants to leave Barcelona. It only arises as such when they sense that they will play less, or little.

“And a great player like Neymar has come to Barcelona. Thiago wants to play and continuing at Barca would be difficult.”

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