Roig: Two or three more to come

Villarreal President Fernando Roig says there could be even more players arriving at El Madrigal before the start of next season.

Speaking before a meeting of the Spanish Football Federation to finalise the 2013-14 fixture list, Roig [pictured, left] maintained he was looking forward to the new campaign and that the club’s spending has not stopped just yet.

“I think there could be another two or three more to arrive. One of them could be a bombshell,” he said.

“I think all the players who had to leave the club have gone. Those who have returned will need to go, but when we finally present everyone then all will have been resolved, or being resolved.”

 “I hope we have a good season and are back in the draw for La Primera next year. However, we have to keep our feet on the ground.

“When we are up and running we still need to balance the budget, so we’ll see what we can do, but always from a balanced viewpoint,” asserted Roig, who went on to comment on Barcelona and Real Madrid’s continued dominance of the top flight.

“As the years go by things will get worse. I think the last time the La Liga runners-up were not Barca or Madrid was back in 2007, when it was Villarreal. That is not good.

“It can be solved with a better economic balance and with a better share of television rights. Things are more than clear.

“Those clubs that earn the most don’t want it but it raises the level of competition. If there’s no competition there is no level.

“This has to change in two or three years. In 2015 the majority of contracts end. If it remains the same as now then it’s going to be difficult.
“As for Villarreal we are going to stay on our own as we are happy with the agreement we have.

“If others don’t want to adjust to the reality then we will be giving it away again for free,” he warned.

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