Filipe explains preseason commitment

Filipe Luis has explained why he opted to cut short his summer holiday to return to Atletico Madrid for preseason training ahead of schedule.

The Brazilian was granted extra vacation this summer having been a part of Brazil’s Confederations Cup squad.

However, the player opted to return eight days earlier than expected to start preseason alongside his teammates this week.

Today the full-back explained his decision, which among other things has included a 7.30am start to training today.

“Preseason is like this, we must be prepared for anything and we know that this gives us fuel for the entire season,” commented Luis to reporters today.

“Waking up early is not easy, but the training is fun and it goes fast. In addition, we have time to sleep and relax in the evenings.

“Through my career I have lost in previous seasons some of this preparation time and it has left me uncompetitive compared with my teammates.

“When that has happened, it has taken me a few months to find my shape again. So, I spoke with the doctors here and decided that it was best for me to not stop competing and to remain fit.

“Being at Atletico and in a World Cup year, I cannot afford to wait a month to get into shape. I am delighted to already be with my teammates.”

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