‘Illarra situation not distracting’

Mikel Gonzalez has reflected that Real Sociedad would be helpless if Real Madrid pay Asier Illarramendi’s buyout clause.

Madrid are strongly believed to be in negotiations to try and sign the young midfielder from Anoeta, albeit with talks focus on La Real pushing towards his €30m buyout clause.

For one of his teammates, the situation is uncertain, but not unsettling.

“At the moment, Illarramendi is a Real Sociedad player, he is on vacation and will return on Thursday, that’s all I know,” commented Gonzalez to reporters this week.

“Then there are things that are not in our hands, because if they were to pay his clause then there is nothing we can do.

“When he returns, he will be received with open arms and knowing how important he is for us.

“The discussion around Illarramendi is not distracting us because we are used to this. Football is followed by many people, through many media resources, and that there is much talk every day is normal.

“We are facing it normally, because otherwise you could go crazy!”

La Real’s preseason plans are shaped towards advancing through the play-off round of the Champions League.

“This season is different because almost the first official match is the Champions League play-off, and that will mark the season.

“We should reach August in the highest peak shape and that will be a change to other seasons.

“The truth is that any team we face in that round will be at the highest level. All the teams that are there have earned the right, like us with our good football and the results that we managed to maintain until the end of the season.

“I believe that playing like we have been, we can face any opponent.”

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