Ghubn: Malaga to be equal or better

Malaga Vice-President Abdullah Ghubn has said the club’s future will be ‘equal to if not better than before’.

Ghubn, owner Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani’s right-hand man, has not been seen in Malaga for the past 13 months and his duties were taken over by fellow Qatari, Moayad Shatat.

However, he arrived in Spain this week and gave a Press conference on Wednesday at which he attempted to explain the club’s new financial policy in light of the sale of a host of top players over the past year.

“When we decided to invest in the club we were convinced that we were going to build a great club,” said Ghubn.

“That was the plan. However, things change and there are number of rules, laws and competition regulations we need to get used to, but we want to continue with this project.”

The 34-year-old went on to explain that the future ‘is going to be more important than the recent past, both in a sporting and economic sense’, and that the team will still try to finish as high as possible in the table, although things will be done ‘in a different way because we’ll have to adapt to the rules’.

“The future will be equal to if not better than before,” he added, before referring to the 12-month UEFA sanction imposed on Malaga for non-payment of wages and tax, as well as money owed to other clubs.

“It’s very strange what occurred with UEFA, who have fired a bullet that was aimed at Malaga, the only club to be specifically chosen and used as an example.”

On UEFA President Michel Platini’s recent comments that Malaga ‘did not pay anybody’, Ghubn expressed his surprise.

“It’s strange Platini keeps on talking about this when what he should do is apply it to his own office.

“The penalty is unjust and illegal and Platini only wanted to show his strength with Malaga,” he declared.

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