Del Bosque: Brazil were superior

Spain Coach Vicente Del Bosque conceded his team was outplayed after being hammered 3-0 by Brazil in the Confederations Cup final.

“They were superior to us so we must congratulate them. We were unlucky at the start with a goal in the first minute and then another at the end of the first half, but I don’t want to make excuses as they were the better team,” he admitted to Telecinco.

“We have always maintained a fair and balanced approach when winning and must do so now in defeat. We know how difficult it is to win, so from time to time it’s convenient to lose so we don’t think we are unbeatable.

“Brazil had more vitality and energy and were able to beat us.”

At the same time, the 62-year-old asked Spanish fans to praise his players rather than criticise them.

“We are sad not to be able to give our fans joy but this is sport and we were up against a very strong opponent with everything in their favour from the first minute, so I congratulate my players.

“The supporters should be proud of them and now is not the time for criticism. We must keep what is good, accept defeat and remember we have some great players and a nice style,” he added.

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