Messi tax ‘pact’ denied

The public prosecutor’s office handling the charge against Lionel Messi and his father for alleged tax fraud has denied a deal has been reached.

Reports earlier this week suggested that the Argentine had agreed to pay a lump sum of €15m to the tax authorities as part of a pact with prosecutors that would see him avoid having to face prosecution.

This followed on from the player and his father being charged with criminal and civil responsibility on three counts of alleged tax fraud from between 2006 and 2009 for sums totalling €4.1m.

However, EFE are reporting that a spokesperson from the prosecutor’s office has made clear that they have no knowledge of the player making such a payment to tax authorities.

It is also been made clear through the spokesperson that no agreement between the player and the prosecutor’s office has been reached to see the 26-year-old avoid prosecution.

Last week saw Messi pay out through supplementary declaration €10m to tax authorities to try and ensure money paid for 2010 and 2011 was correct.

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