Villa: Torres and I help each other

David Villa has denied there is any tension with fellow Spain striker Fernando Torres, suggesting that they ‘have helped one another improve’.

The duo netted seven of La Roja’s 10 goals in their Confederations Cup Group B win over Tahiti last week and are currently preparing for tonight’s competition semi-final with Italy.

Ahead of that, the Barcelona man has looked to reject any suggestion of tension with the Chelsea striker.

“We've been playing together for a long time and have helped one another improve,” Villa told Marca this week.

“We know that Spain winning trophies is all that matters. Individual awards – and I hope they all go to Spanish players – are a secondary issue.

“Am I anxious to score? Really, that's not the case. Some days things fall for you and on other days they don't.

“Of course goals are always on forwards' minds, because they are our bread and butter, but you end up thinking more about the chances you miss than the ones you put away.

“I'm here to help the team, as I always am. This hasn't been my best year.

“It's not that I've come into the tournament at a disadvantage compared to my teammates, but it has been a slightly unusual situation.

“I have never felt untouchable in the national team. I'm just an ordinary member of a squad that is striving to keep winning.”

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