Valverde hopes for good sequel

Ernesto Valverde admits the challenge in returning to Athletic Bilbao for a second go, but says ‘millions of Coaches who would like to be in my position’.

The 49-year-old former Valencia Coach was confirmed yesterday as the club’s replacement for Marcelo Bielsa and today was presented to the media.

“I want to thank Athletic for brining me here to coach again, which makes me feel pretty lucky,” Valverde reflected.

“There are millions of Coaches who would like to be in my position and I’m sure many are not away of the size of this club.

“It is a big responsibility for everything that Athletic involves. I know that this is a sequel and it is said that they do not go well, except for in The Godfather, and so it seems more difficult because you have to meet an expectation with the team that has already been set and then take on the challenge of anything else.

“I come from a team that has been striving to be at the top to another that has had no relief in where they have finished in the table.

“I replace a Coach with a special charisma in Bielsa, who has created much expectation, people have hit it off very well with him.

“The team has a chance, despite losing three internationals in the last two years.”

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