‘Tahiti achieved a great victory’

Tahiti Coach Eddy Etaeta reflected that despite losing 10-0 to Spain, his players feel like they have ‘achieved a great victory’.

The defeated French Polynesia side were backed during their Group B Confederations Cup clash with La Roja by the Maracana crowd, who gave them a strong ovation at the final whistle.

“It was a huge surprise, what happened in the game. Despite the number of goals we conceded, we had tremendous support from the Maracana crowd,” Etaeta commented afterwards.

“We have never received so much applause. That was very important to us. We wanted to reach the hearts of the Brazilians, we lost 10-0, but we felt like we had achieved a great victory.

“I would like to thank the Brazilian public for their support.

“The game? We played in a very disorganised way and this is something that we cannot afford. We were up against an opponent like Spain, with all that implies, and we could not afford to act in that way.”

Etaeta reflected further on the support his players have received in Brazil.

“We are better known in Brazil than we are in Tahiti. That is a big frustration.

“Many of our countrymen did not know that we were going to play in a big competition like the Confederations Cup.

“The future? I have the certainty that Tahiti will be very competitive.”

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