Messi in ‘helpless media situation’

Lionel Messi’s legal team hope the investigation against their client for alleged tax fraud can be resolved quickly, to end his ‘state of media helplessness’.

The player and his father will have to appear in court in mid-September as defendants, after a judge ruled that the duo had a case to answer against a complaint filed by the tax authorities alleging tax fraud of more than €4m between 2006 and 2009.

Messi’s legal representatives Juarez Veciana released a statement on the matter soon after the charge was confirmed, stating their confidence in resolving the matter.

“1. We respect and abide by the ruling and we are at the disposal of the courts to help resolve this matter and establish the truth.

“2. We show our confidence in being able to clarify this difference of opinion and we regret that you want to question the reputation of our client who complies scrupulously with Spanish legislation.

“3. We declare that our client will pay the amounts finally determined, but we believe that our client has already paid what is legally required.

“4. We firmly believe in the innonce of our client.

“5. We ask that the work is left to the courts, in which we trust fully.

“6. We trust that the judicial investigation can be resolved in the shortest possible time to end our client’s state of media helplessness that we deeply regret.”

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