‘I’d love to be Iniesta for a game’

Javi Martinez has praised his Spain teammate Andres Iniesta, wondering what it would feel like play like him for a game.

The Bayern Munich midfielder is in Brazil with Iniesta for Spain’s Confederations Cup campaign, which kicked off with a 2-1 win over Uruguay on Sunday notable for the Barcelona man’s performance.

“Andres is out of this world. What he did against Uruguay was amazing,” enthused Martinez in an interview with Marca.

“Quite often it seems like he's playing against kids. He gets around his opponents with such ease.

“I was telling Victor Valdes the other day, I would love to be Iniesta for just one game. He is unbelievable.

“Do I enjoy playing alongside him? Yes, it's when he's on the other team that you don't enjoy it.

“He makes you suffer a lot and if you give him an inch he can do just about anything.

“But when you play by his side, you can enjoy watching him do amazing things while making them look so easy.

“I was fortunate that in both Champions League semi-finals we were able to stop him and he didn't create too much danger.”

Martinez is speculated as replacing Sergio Busquets in the line-up this Thursday for Spain’s second group match of the Confederations Cup against Tahiti.

“Is he an example to follow? Of course, for any midfielder. His command of all aspects of the game, whether defending or attacking, is a sight worth seeing.”

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