Amorebieta: Right time to leave

Fernando Amorebieta has reflected on why he left Athletic Bilbao and why he is motivated to take on the Premier League with Fulham.

After failing to agree a new contract with Athletic through last season, the Venezuelan international centre-back agreed to a Bosman switch to Fulham this summer.

“I wanted to experience other things and the time has come. Already I am at an age where this could be my final contract,” reflected Amorebieta to Terra this week.

“I had a good offer from Athletic, but in the end I looked more for other things, another League, new teammates, a new life, and to earn a living in another way.

“After much thought I saw no possibility in staying at Athletic, having seen what had happened, I did not think it was best to continue. It was not an economic issue, but rather from what I had seen.

“It had always been my dream to end my career at Athletic, but ultimately the game takes many turns.

“If I had not taken the decision now I don’t think I ever would have. I believe that this is the best decision for me and for the club. I needed a new project, a new dream.”

Amorebieta is the latest player to make the move from La Liga to the Premier League.

“They are very well organised and it is very different from the Spanish League.

“It is true that there is a high level in La Liga, but I think that my style of play will come in handy in the Premier League.

“All the Spanish players to have gone to the Premier League have triumphed, Michu, Silva, Mata, Cazorla…and they look very happy, very excited, and I want the same thing to happen to me.”

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